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The future of quality healthcare for you       and your family.
Practice Philosphy

Pacific Palisades Medical Group, Inc. (PPMG) is a group of two experienced physicians; a board certified internist and a board certified family physician, dedicated to providing their patients the most up-to-date and scientifically validated health care available.

PPMG provides a full range of services for patients and their families with reasonable fees. PPMG physicians will see patients with most types of insurances and send claim forms to their insurance company on their behalf. Additionally, the PPMG physicians are PPO contracted providers with some insurance companies.

The physicians at the PPMG have a strong commitment to encouraging their patients to maintain healthy lifestyles through appropriate exercise, eating habits, rational personal habits, and stress reduction. Pharmacological intervention, when supported by scientific data is also seen as an important component of remaining in good health for as long as possible.